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The beginning of my year in Australia January 1, 2010

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Just a start…

I’m here

I'm REALLY here!

Lunch in the Sydney Tower

The Exchange League in Australia hosted a lunch in the tower. The restaraunt rotates so we got to see the 360 degree veiw. Below is the harbor with the opera house.

in Australia!!  I still can’t believe this is real. Over 12 years ago I found out about the Exchange program in Colorado and have dreamed about doing a teacher exchange ever since.  Beginning when I was little I have been intrigued by the mystical, marvelous country of Australia.  My number one  favorite animal has always been the platypus and the koala coming in a close second.  Growing up I often pondered why and how the strangest animals exist in Australia.  I wondered what it was like here.    And of course, when I met someone traveling in the US that Australian accent was a sure sign of where they were from.  Love that accent! So, now I’m HERE!! … and my dream has become a reality.  I have taken in so much in my two months here… it’s hard to know where to start….

So that is what this blog will be… a start.  Just a start to share some of what I have done, what I have experienced, what I can capture and share on this blog.  A new start for me…. a new adventure … a new look on live!  Enjoy!