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Animals in Australia!! May 16, 2010

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I love the animals I’ve been seeing while here in Australia!!  I seek out every opportunity to see the animals.  I especially love the new and unusual birds.  That’s a surprise I hadn’t expected.  I knew I’d see koalas and kangaroos.  BUT… I never realized there were so many amazing birds too!!!  So here are some of my favorite animal pictures so far.

Petting a Koala


wild kangaroos

Feeding a kangaroo
Dolphin Race

Tasha and a little Red Kangaroo

Wandering with the Emu & kangaroos

Big Bird... Look out!

Baby Roo


One Response to “Animals in Australia!!”

  1. dhoffner Says:

    May 22 (21st in the US)
    Tasha and I went to the Blue Mountains for her birthday celebration. It was a great day! It was special spending time with my little girl (now a young lady) and we had some special surprises…
    1- we saw two lyre birds on our way down to the rainforest floor. These are really cool birds who can mimick other sounds like a kookaburra and the clicking sounds of a camera. That’s what one of them did today. It was so cool
    2- at the top, there were many colorful parrots: a male and female king parrot, a crimson rosella, and two huge cockatoos.
    3- we took a train to the bottom, then hiked to the cable car back to the top then took a sky tram across right past the Katoomba Waterfall and the Three Sisters rock formation.

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